Writing Sample for a Customer Experience Manager job posting

This incident of poor customer service was performed by a software vendor that I have chosen not to name. The vendor was attempting to come out with a completely new version of their product instead of fixing the existing version. The version of the product that I had was mostly adequate but had some bugs in it that interrupted the functionality of … [Read more...]

25 quotes regarding Introverts

kid on beach

On tickld.com I found an article called "25 Quotes only introverts will understand." I especially liked #3 and #14. 3- “Telling an introvert to go to a party is like telling a saint to go to Hell.” - Criss Jami 14-“Extroverts want us to have fun, because they assume we want what they want. And sometimes we do. But “fun” itself is a … [Read more...]

Did you know…

There are at least twenty synonyms for the word shortage?  For example, crunch, lack, and poverty are three of the synonyms.  Follow the link below for more words and specific meanings. LInk:  http://www.dailywritingtips.com/20-synonyms-for-shortage/ … [Read more...]

Popular Tweets for weekending 5-18-2014

The following are my top tweets for the past week. The article I find most interesting is the coffee flour story (#3). This Company Has Solved The six century Old Problem Of Why We Burn Our Tongues On Hot #Coffee | Business Insider http://buff.ly/1k5Ta6P Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown on Illustrator's Past and … [Read more...]